what we do

When we work with a new client we ask lots of questions and really listen to what they have to say because we want to learn:

  • about them and the vision they have for their business;
  • about their market and who their typical and ideal customers are… and how best to reach them;
  • to really understand in depth their product or service.

Clients don’t always have a clear vision; they might think that ‘everyone’ is their customer and haven’t defined who is their most profitable type of customer; and they may not even be sure how to clearly explain their product or service. And it’s not so surprising because that’s not what our customers do, they’re not marketing specialists – they’re smash repairers, hairdressers, manufacturers or accountants.

Our job, the job of the team at Staying in Touch, is often like putting together the pieces of a jigsaw to create and communicate a clear message for our client that successfully reaches their market.

So why choose Staying in Touch for your marketing? Is it because of our:

  • insightful marketing ideas,
  • strategic planning skills,
  • beautiful and creative graphic design,
  • clear and concise copywriting; or
  • strong technical abilities in website development.

Actually, while all these things are important, we feel the real reasons behind our success, and the why you should feel confident in working with and referring Staying in Touch are:the relationships we build,

  • the personal service we deliver,
  • the quality and attention to detail in our work, and
  • our genuine interest in helping business owners, organisations and professionals to be more successful.