digital marketing

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are an excellent way to stay in touch with customers and subscribers. So long as you deliver value for your reader, keeping the content fresh and practical, they will become a useful addition to your marketing toolkit. Big business successfully use email newsletters regularly so perhaps you should consider this method of marketing for your clients too.

At Staying in Touch we can assist with your email newsletters in varying degrees depending on what you need done. This can include tasks like designing your newsletter, developing your customised template, setting up your mailing campaign, assisting with importing your mailing list, creating ongoing newsletter editions, etc.


Social Media

Social media is a term that describes web-based and mobile technologies that allow us to share a variety of content. Rather than just one-way communication, social media promotes interactive dialogue – enabling engagement, sharing and collaboration.

Business can gain traffic or attention through social media sites and activities.

We can assist you with set-up, design, customisation and idea generation for your social media activities – for example Facebook Page customisation and design of online display advertisements.